Really. A shape shifting alien guarding the President.. ?

Probably not.
But it sure makes for great YouTube and internet entertainment.

According to a video, a Secret Service agent guarding President Barack Obama could be a shape shifting alien!

Here is the video for your reference:

The video was uploaded on March 19, 2013. It has a computerized narrator, which describes that a shape shifting alien is caught up somehow guarding the President..

And of course comments are already mocking the video.

I enjoyed it myself.

I don’t assume the person is uploading to be funny. I saw other videos posted by the same user, and the account promotes videos about Satanism in the music industry and other Christian-based themes.
And shape shifting aliens.

So the user may believe this is a shape shifter.. But take away that fact from it and it becomes a truly amazing video.
As funny as it may seem, and as ludicrous as it may sound, this man does in fact look like some sort of alien being. Then again, should it not be the job of a Secret Service agent to scare the pants off of anyone who would get close to the President? And on that note, this agent succeeds magically.

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