Promising news for the return of HE-MAN

First the news.. then the opining and whining:

“Iron Man” and “Men in Black International” scribes Art Marcum and Matt Holloway have been set to pen the “Master of Universe” reboot at Sony Pictures and Mattel Films.

That’s right.. the potential return of ADAM, SKELETOR, even maybe MAN-AT-ARMS and RAM MAN.. no clue on which of the hundred plus characters from the famous cartoon of so many of childhoods filmmakers would pick. The cast could be endless…

The SONY and Mattel dreams are risky..

Yes, the cartoon was a smash hit in the 1980s and the toy line was the best thing that happened to Christmases during the Reagan years, but will it transcribe into modern day 21st century success…?

The kids who loved HE-MAN were a little to grown up by the time the late 80s movie appeared in theaters where a young Dolph Lundgren appeared as He-Man and ruined it all..

That movie was such a failure! Such a misconception of art .. such an overwhelming box office blunder. No words could describe how unlike the cartoon it was. Even if the kids of that 80s were getting older, they still would have overwhelmingly loved a film that captured the spirit of the cartoon, Grayskull…and Eternia. This movie did not.
But that is also where this modern age could be the best time to go back to the past!

STRANGER THINGS and other shows on Netflix have capitilized on the kids of the 80s being in their 30s and 40s now, and yearning for the nostalgia of the past. Craving for shows that could capture the spirit of their youth, and their generation. They are buying up old pop culture and re-introducing it to their own kids.

Enter.. HE-MAN. This could be, potentially, the perfect time for a return to Eternia. 

….but new characters? They failed with Gwildor. So hopefully filmmakers would stick to the 80s script and not re-invent the wheel…..

WE love the concept of HE-MAN in theaters.. but we all so fear it equally…

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