Petrus Romanus fulfilled? Or grasping at straws?

Maybe he didn’t pick Peter the Roman as his name.. But Cardinal Bergoglio is the son of Italians and a Jesuit, something that experts on the prophecy of the popes believe are the two most important elements to show that Pope Francis is the final pontiff..
But there is a large sentiment beginning online that the entire prophecy is a hoax.. That the experts in it are grasping at straws.. That this pope is just another of many more to come.
Nothing to fear?
But remember this: Francis chose his name after St Francis of Assisi. Assisi was also St Francesco di Pietro di Bernardone.. Pietro..

But Pope Francis mentioned that the cardinals went to the end of the world,’or earth,’ to find him.. So will we find ourselves with him at the end of it?? Will the prophecy just fall away into the trash heap of religious lure and gossip? Or is this plain Pope, who came out in simple white attire, fulfill what many fear he will…..being the head of a church during the end times for us all?
Expect lots of rumor and fear.. And religion and piety.
Francis I is a humble man with a faithful plan.. He won’t be soft spoken..but will anyone listen?

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