Pain without gain: Exorcism images haunt

I have always wondered if most exorcisms are performed on people who simply have mental illness…. or is it a manifestation of evil? The answer you give to that basic question may depend on your educational background.. your faith.. your belief structure…

The UK SUN is showcasing a host of haunting images on its website tonight.. A few for your review:

From the article:

They were taken at the Church of the Divine Saviour in of Mexico City.

Exorcism is an ancient religious technique of evicting spirits from a person who is believed to act as a host for evil.

Although the formal catholic rite of exorcism is rarely seen and must be only conducted by a designated priest, the exorcistas still play their trade among the faithful.

They use their charisma and religious chanting to command the evil spirit to depart a victim’s mind and body, usually invoking Jesus Christ or God to intervene in favour of a possessed person.

At the time I write this post, there are only three comments on the story..


  1. What’s disturbing?  I just see a bunch of people that are really constipated.
  2. Tabloid garbage journalism at its finest.
  3. Wow, and many people believe that the muslim belief are extreme….

Interesting comments..

There seems to be a renewed interest in exorcisms as of late.. the Catholic Church has been somewhat unshackled when it comes to performing the ancient Rite..
But so often, so many times, I ponder if we are really being starved of goodness by ancient demons or if ancient structures are just diminishing the power of mental illness…
These pictures don’t help me discern at all.
The races look pained…in pure hell. But a hell of demonic nature? Or a hell of brains gone bad..

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