Noreen Gosch appears on Coast to Coast AM with Dave Schrader

​This past weekend, a very important Coast to Coast AM aired.. The Saturday program, hosted by Darkness Radio’s Dave Schrader featured several guests that spoke about the cold case from 1982 of Johnny Gosch.. 

Gosch was the first person who appeared on a milk carton in the 80s… he was a paperboy who was taken from his route. Police did not immediately help in the search and labeled it a non crime.. the only ferocious advocate of Johnny became his mother, Noreen.

Coast to Coast AM featured Noreen Gosch, along with David Belinson and Michael Galinsky. Belinson and Galinsky are both filmmakers of a documentary entitled WHO TOOK JOHNNY. The film chronicles the story of Noreen and her quest to find justice in a small town, fight a system that ended up being a part of the problem, and become a vocal advocate for truth and others who found themselves embroiled in the same awful scenario…

There are so many aspects to the Gosch story — long time readers of this website may recall other articles I have done on Gosch and related stories. 

The intrigue over Gosch never has gone away.. As a matter of fact, with the increased attention given to child pedophile networks and human trafficking, the Gosch case has become even more important and timely.

In the late 1980s and early 90s, a rash of news broke regarding a man named Larry King—not the talk show host. King was the head of a failed credit union called the Franklin Credit Union. He was also an African American rising star of the Republican party, even opening the 1984 GOP convention by singing the national anthem.  FEDs busted the credit union, and King ended up in jail. But troubling details of the Franklin Credit Union was this: It also may have been involved with a child sex ring that provided kidnapped kids to the highest leaders in the nation. You can Google the Franklin Credit Union scandal … you can decide for yourself.

While you’re it, try looking at YouTube for a documentary titled ‘Conspiracy of Silence.’ It was filmed in the early 90s by British filmmakers in Omaha.  The documentary was never aired—squelched by people who feared the repercussions. Thankfully thanks to the Internet it’s online. 

Google Paul Bonnaci—he was spoken about on Coast to Coast AM Saturday. He is the only witness who said he had direct knowledge of Gosch—saying he took him!—and was ever interviewed by police. Noreen Gosch met with him privately however, and troubling details of the immediate aftermath of Johnny’s kidnapping was revealed to her. That footage is included with the WHO TOOK JOHNNY documentary..

Another subject you can research: John DeCamp. He is one of the most vital and truthful people who has ever lived.. he is constantly fighting against the system, and has played an important role in the Gosch and Franklin Credit Union cases..

And for some fun and intrigue, look into connections between all of these stories and the giant redwood trees of California … a little place for the elite called the Bohemian Grove. 

I have listened to Noreen Gosch several times throughout the years.  During this interview conducted by Schrader, she sounded different. She sounded like she lived a life she never expected.. like she is filled with a vast amount of sadness… I cannot assume things about her or for her. But I certainly can feel empathy for what she has gone through..

Yes, there are some who said then and still say now that Noreen Gosch is not stable. That she had made up the supposed March 1997 2am knock at her door when she said that Johnny came home for just a short amount of time to explain what occurred to him and that he was safe… 

Do I believe her?

Yes. I at least believe that she believes it. I read someone that someone believes she made it up to stay sane. Or …. Sometimes in life the most insane of things can happen.


This story is immensely important.. not just because it was the first milk carton case or because it was the beginning of the kidnap fears of the 80s (think of the DIFF’RENT STROKES episode where Arnold and Sam battled the kidnapper in a van before Mr. Drummond got there in time) … But it is important even more so for today’s modern age.

We want to cover our eyes and souls from the darkness that exists in life.. from the horror that happens in the world. But crimes against children are not going away. Human trafficking are even more common than ever before.. Yes, these crimes exist. And yes, these horrors happen.

Hold your child close. Keep them aware of dangers.. Trust your instincts. 

And listen to the story of Noreen Gosch. Listen to her words. And watch WHO TOOK JOHNNY.. It is available on iTunes and Amazon now. And in a few weeks on Netflix..  

Finally we are hearing information and the deep true story of the quest to find Johnny Gosch….A missing person who vanished from life at the age of 12. Stuck in a time.. stuck in a moment… and gone ever since. 

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