Why does SUICIDE SQUAD feel so wrong?

The trailers aren’t good..
The previews don’t seem to help a thing..
Excitement should be building for SUICIDE SQUAD, released this week in more than 4,000 theaters, but instead the movie is being plagued by awful reviews and equally terrible word of mouth stories from screenings..

Perhaps one reason why: Dave Canfield from SLATE discovered  this:

According to writer Kim Masters, two versions of the film—director David Ayer’s more “somber” cut and the studio’s more commercial one (with “jazzed-up graphics” and more characters introduced earlier in the film)—were tested as late as May, with the outcome a proposed, studio-leaning compromise between the two that required “millions of dollars’ worth of additional photography.” Other sources that chimed in described Ayer as “exhausted,” in a “panic,” and “under a lot—a lot—of pressure.” Warner Bros. also declined to get behind the director’s next project, the Will Smith–starring Bright, which was instead scooped up by Netflix in a$90 million deal.

While these are only a few pieces to a complicated puzzle, they do provide insight into the final version of Suicide Squad that will be released in theaters on Friday. Critics’ complaints of tonal dissonance, a reliance on cameos, and a general lack of coherence certainly reflect what reportedly occurred behind closed doors. And regardless, the fact that two distinct visions of this movie remained in opposition until the last minute could indicate serious trouble for what’s to come. For starters: Could the relatively light trailer for Justice League be masking similar tensions?

A movie that is basically a 2 hour trailer…
Who wants to watch that?

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