The SUICIDE clash

Fans feud with critics ahead of ‘Suicide Squad’ release »

This has turned into a mean ordeal..

Critics have lambasted the film.. some have called for the website ROTTEN TOMATOES to actually be shut down because of the negative press that has been linked on the SUICIDE SQUAD page..

What is noteworthy about the aforementioned article linked here: My friend Anghus Houvouras from Flickering Myth got quoted by CNBC about the movie and controversy:

“I think they believe the potential is there. Take (2016’s) ‘Ghostbusters’ which pushed a very strong misogynist narrative. It became less about the quality of the film and more about the ‘importance’ of a blockbuster with an all-female leading cast,” Anghus Houvouras, movie maker and writer for the pop culture website Flickering Myth, told CNBC via email.

“Sony and Paul Feig got on board and beat that horse to death. But it didn’t end up resulting in the kind of cultural zeitgeist they were hoping for. Those who benefit from feuds are the media and websites that proliferate a binary narrative. Conflict breeds clicks,” he said.

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