The story goes like this.. On Monday, critics finally got to see the newest STAR WARS film.. the reviews? Most good. Some mixed..
Some really, really awful..

The New York Times. A.O. Scott called it a “thoroughly mediocre movie” with “a surprisingly hackish script.”

“Rogue One,” named for the call sign of an imperial cargo ship appropriated by rebel fighters, is the opposite of that vessel. Masquerading as a heroic tale of rebellion, its true spirit is Empire all the way down.

In USA Today,

“Rogue One” feels small in scale, even with its signature heroism and sci-fi action, and its main players mostly lack the charm that made Rey, Finn and Poe in last year’s “The Force Awakens” — or Han, Luke and Leia back in the day — so special.

Stephanie Zacharek wrote in Time

“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” will not change lives for the worse or for the better, and it will — or ought to — offend no one. Welcome to the Republic of the Just O.K.

The New Yorker

The director of “Rogue One,” Gareth Edwards, has stepped into a mythopoetic stew so half-baked and overcooked, a morass of pre-instantly overanalyzed implications of such shuddering impact to the series’ fundamentalists, that he lumbers through, seemingly stunned or constrained or cautious to the vanishing point of passivity, and lets neither the characters nor the formidable cast of actors nor even the special effects, of which he has previously proved himself to be a master, come anywhere close to life.

The PUBLIC gets to see the movie this week.. it’s all about to happen. And it will be huge. But how long-lasting?

We have come a long way since George Lucas.. and in a time far far away, we are bound to wonder if ROGUE ONE holds the interest of STAR WARS fans and makes the cash that recent films have…


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