Melancholy Sunday to all

Sunday was never my favorite day of the week.. as a matter of fact, there have been times I absolutely hated it. There is something magically lonely about the thoughts of a Sunday morning–perhaps that is best exemplified by Kris Kristofferson’s SUNDAY MORNING COMING DOWN (even more so when performed by the late Johnny Cash) ..
So on a day when you wake up, feeling melancholy and a little out of sorts, the best thing to do may be to put on Cash’s version of the song, all about waking up Sunday morning, walking through a neighborhood resounding with church bells and being filled with an aroma of frying chicken.. or you can listen to Anna Kendrick. Thanks to my wife Tara this morning, it was the “CUPS” that suddenly got stuck in my head..
Picture Anytown, USA, a diner in the middle of no where, filled with a singing staff and dancing crowd. It sounds too good to be true because it is too good to be true.. but it’s a creative video and a song that will become a part  of your whistling and humming for hours to come.

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