Kate McKinnon Opens ‘SNL’ As Hillary Clinton Singing “Hallelujah”

Kate McKinnon Opens ‘SNL’ As Hillary Clinton Singing “Hallelujah” :

It was somewhat a surreal moment.. when comedy stops and drama begins. It was also very melodramatic…

This entire week, a certain portion of the nation has felt like the world was ending.. like the end may have already actually happened on November 8 .. The other half is just keeping their heads down and waiting to see how their candidate will govern..

And the protests rage…
And now, SNL stops their comedy and treats the election more like 9/11 than 11/9..

It also shows that SNL’s political stance is solidly blue–we knew that–but that Lorne Micheals isn’t yet sure who will play Donald Trump on the progam. Alec Baldwin was famous for it over the past few weeks. So famous that even then NOT President-Elect Trump tweeted about him not being funny..

Not sure if the President-Elect will tweet about such mundane things now that he is receiving daily intelligence briefings… time will tell.

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