Just when you thought it was Armageddon, someone comes around and ruins it for you

Call them the anti Debbie Downers.. a group has released findings that they say conclusively shows natural disasters are at a 10-year-low.

But South Carolina flooding?
But California drought?

But …

The executive summary from AON said that 2014 was a below average year for catastrophe..

That doesn’t mean awful stuff did not happen, but on a pure number, it was less than other years when compared..

When United States citizens armed with Bibles proclaim that the end times are near because of US disasters, it’s interesting to look at the most high profile and expensive 2014 events: The US only made two of the ten, with May storms and a yearlong drought being the costliest..

Another fact the report points out on page 10: The population of the world is soaring.. and with it, a migration of people to locations that see natural disasters on a more regular basis. Or at least bad weather..

Get this: 44% of the world’s citizens (that’s a lot, 3.2 billion) live within 95 miles of a coastline. That’s more than the entire population of the world in 1950.

I noticed something that happened when this report was issued. Numerous anti-global warming sites like Climate Depot and others began linking news about this report and focused squarely on the ten-year-low 2014 saw, disaster wise. But there’s more news they should have paid attention to–important facts that they chose to ignore because, as usual, people see headlines and neglect to read actual reports. Imagine! the information age! and we only read headlines..

Page 12 of the report details that 2014 was a continuation of the trend of much above normal global temperatures .. As a matter of fact, 2014 was the warmest year on record!

The rest of the report is a good read.

The old fashioned me actually printed it out and will study it through. IT was prepared a bit ago, but as said before, other anti-global warming sites alerted me to it by only writing up quick posts about  it now.

The devil is always in the details.

So while Armageddon may look a bit off because of the lower than average disasters, it’s hard to imagine further problems aren’t in the future when you see warming like we are and the endless barrage of temperature increases–coupled with 3.2 billion people within 95 miles of a coastline that may vanish eventually..

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