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Smoke em while you got em: Potentially lethal gamma-ray burst from star WR 104 could reach earth

This is a serious news story. It’s gone mainstream.. WR 104, a ‘Wolf-Rayet star’ about 8,000 light years away, could go supernova any day now.. Really, ANY DAY NOW. And if it does, rays from the explosion deep in space could actually reach our our little blue dot known as earth. 
As FOX news reports:
“We could see it go supernova anywhere from tomorrow to 500,000 years from now,” astronomer Grant Hill told Forbes“For all intents and purposes, the gamma-ray burst and optical photons from the supernova would arrive simultaneously.”
A quarter of our atmospheric ozone could be wiped away..?
The earth should follow this story as closely as it can…
supernova remnant.jpg

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