ISIS has released a video of journalist James Wright Foley, 40, being beheaded.. the video is graphic and cruel, with Foley stating that the United States government is his real killer.. The ISIS member, who speaks with a British accent, threatens President Obama and brings another reporter, Steven Scotloff, before the camera at the unknown location..

The President has been made aware of the video, reports indicate, as he flew back to his vacation.. Additionally, the Foley family has been said to be consumed by horrid grief at the news tonight..

This is how REUTERS reported the news in its dispatches tonight from Baghdad:

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Islamic State militants claimed in a video on Tuesday to be holding U.S. journalist Steven Sotloff and said his life depended on U.S. President Barack Obama’s next move.

“The life of this American citizen, Obama, depends on your next decision,” said a masked man in the video posted on social media sites, speaking English with a British accent as he held a prisoner the video named as Steven Sotloff.

The video could not immediately be verified.

The world yet again witnessing another small detail of the horror taking place in the Middle East..

The United States is working to verify the video..
The militant group, however, is claiming they killed him. And will soon kill another..



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