Karp dart! Tumblr vanishes from the App Store!

The socials are broke !

Tears are flowing!

David Karp’s Yahoo’s Tumblr’s app has vanished from the App Store.. And users took notice..

On Tuesday, Tumblr wrote on its own Twitter account: “Some people have had issues with the iOS app logging them out. We’re working on it and will update when we have more information.”

Source the Business Insider confirmed with Tumblr that the disappearance of the app is linked to the update, meaning Tumblr’s Android app is unaffected..
But what else could it be? Perhaps a hack that took millions of users’ passwords? Passwords that are now being sold on the dark web?

Could it be a secret security update?

And if you think the fine folks of Yahoo! or boy genius Karp would tell us, consider recent history: the big back we know of today took place years ago in ’13. 

Waiting for Tumblr. Will the app return?

And will users, with the recent spate of affairs, move on?

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