Housekeeping. Bieber's manhood. And AMERICAN HORROR STORY's brutal violence


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But that’s water under the bridge.


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Does Bieber fever end with a dose of nudity?
They have finally dun-it.. the papps with the razzi have been able to catch Biebs like no one else could. His nude genitals are suddenly swinging proud on the Twitters.. Twits around the world are adding junk to the NET about his Junk..

Isn’t this a moment in time we’ll be ashamed of? A time when genitals were the focal point of the multi-corporate Internet?

At one time the net was free.. amazing.. New and fresh.
Now it’s old. Contrived.. Fake and Facebooked..

We are all controlled if we play in their playground.
If you build your own, at least your world will be what you make it.

Unless you’re fine seeing Justin Bieber nude in your sphere of reality..

But it’s unreal.

Lately all of it is.

When people were done creepily searching for Bieber’s member, they watched another modern day pop culture icon shock them in the horror world.. The long anticipated HOTEL version of AMERICAN HORROR STORY premiered.. with gore, blood, and an orgy. Nothing less would be expected by LADY GAGA..

It was on TEE VEE, courtesy the fine people at AMERICAN HORROR STORY, that we were able to now see a man’s penis superglued inside a woman’s vagina during sex.. and a sexual orgy that ended with GAGA slitting throats…

If that doesn’t interest you, perhaps children snacking on a tourist would…


Okay.. certainly you’d think this is the most shocking: The ‘Addiction Demon,’ which attacks a woman and brutally rapes her with a dildo made from drill bits..

Perhaps if that doesn’t shock you, then Hollywood has effectively done their job: Killed your sense of emotions and morality.

If it does shock you there is some hope..
Rape during prime time.
That’s our culture now, I suppose.
That’s entertainment.
That H O L L Y W O O D.


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