The HORROR REPORT can independenty confirm tonight that MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT host Heather Wade is scheduled to appear on  Coast to Coast AM August 7, 2016!

The news may startle some.. Comfort others.

Either way, Wade will be a guest during the short news segment at the beginning of the program to speak about Art Bell’s health condition.

The HORROR REPORT can also confirm, despite rumors, George Knapp will not be hosting the August 7th program that Wade will appear on. Instead, mainstay host George Noory will be broadcasting…

Art Bell recently has been the victim of two hospital stays and some severe complications of COPD, an ailment he has been suffering from for years due to his 20th century smoking habit and other causes that would create the ailment..

Wade is set to update fans of Coast and Midnight about Bell’s condition…

A strange world we live in!!
Wading from the DARK MATTER RADIO NETWORK into Premiere territory..


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