Heather Wades into night from the Kingdom of Nye: Bell's family retakes website for "legacy" .. Developing..

From the Kingdom of Nye.. Heather Wade..?

Art Bell fans who have been following the long career he held and the shows he hosted will know that Heather Wade was handpicked by the talk show legend himself as his successor on MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT. That program aired most recently before his Friday the 13th death in April of this year..

Wade’s adventures in late night radio have not been without controversy. Shortly before Bell’s death, he was helping promote her venture into Area 51…

Multiple venues hosted her program briefly in the short aftermath of Art Bell’s passage from this planet, with no true home being found. And to make matters even more contentious, Art Bell’s long time webmaster Keith Rowland had a very public dispute about her doing programs to begin with!

He wrote multiple times that she was in violation of a non-compete clause when she left Midnight in the Desert post-Bell-mortem..

As of today, host very much loved paranormal heavyweight Dave Schrader has taken up the mantle as the chief host of MIDNIGHT..

For months, Wade vanished into the darkness of the night .. until now..

Heather Wade has made it public: She is returning to broadcasting radio from Pahrump, the same Nye County town in Nevada that Art Bell himself hosted live nightly for decades..

KCAA and KYAH will broadcast her new program, THE KINGDOM OF NYE… The program debuts on October 1 2018.

Subscribers will still be able to sign up.
The program promises to showcase the various bumper songs that Bell also used for years..
And Wade said she still plans on the Area 51 visit..

Wade’s former website that included the namesake of Bell has been taken away from her .. According to what we have learned, Airyn Bell and family has taken away Wade’s ownership of her previous domain in order to “carry on Bell’s true legacy.” … that website contains a countdown clock to whatever reveal will occur in 8 days.


Wade’s program will air at the same time it did when it was MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT.. 9pm Pacific, 12am Eastern..

It will compete against Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis, Coast to Coast Am with George Noory, and Midnight in the Desert with Dave Schrader..

There is a mixed response to Wade’s return. The kingdom of Bell fans have become divided on her hosting and her new show..  The outcome of her return will be seen within days..

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34 thoughts on “Heather Wades into night from the Kingdom of Nye: Bell's family retakes website for "legacy" .. Developing..

  1. Only true Art Bell fans can appreciate what Heather brings to the airwaves. Congratulations on finding a new home and a way back among the ethers.

  2. The reality is Art Bell picked Heather from 7 Billion people and said ‘She will do my show’.So that is history, Heather, being directly trained is in fact the much loved heavyweight of paranormal radio.Let the battle commence, as Heather returns from grieving the loss of her friend and Mentor, Art Bell, the two shows MITD and The Kingdom of Nye can finally take to the air. The listener owns the night, not domain name registrants.I can hear the thunder as The Kingdom of Nye shatters the silence of this last summer and long may Heather Reign as the Queen of Paranormal Talk Radio.

  3. Heather was not Arts only choice. Her habit of using the Bell family name for her personal use has finally pushed them to the point of taking action to protect everything Art Bell had worked so very hard to accomplish in all his years in broadcasting.

  4. She left and wouldn't come back. Keith fired her. Art never \”hand picked\” her to do her show. She was never his \”legacy\”. George, Dave, Clyde Lewis, and Art Bell re-runs are all better that Heather. She won't last. She's been off the air more than on it since Art passed. Where's she been? In rehab? Drug addiction? Psych hospital? Who knows. LNM channel is just terrible radio.

  5. “At long last, have you left no sense of decency?” Little did I dream you could be so reckless and so cruel as to do an injury to Mrs. Airyn Bell, Art Bell’s widow who is lamenting his death? Anyone who loved Art Bell would never try to harm his family.

  6. Really? Yes Mr Bell did hand pick her. And yes Keith may have fired her because he wanted the control that she was left with by Art not Keith, and as usual in Keith fashion he crybabied until he ended up with a worthless show. Typical of Keith because he is nothing without Art Bell. Also if i were you I would be careful about what you say about Heather, Slander will land you in court. Seems to me Art won a slander case a while back!

  7. Until Heather quits 5 more times, she will never be able to claim Art's legacy. She can imitate his voice, use his bumper music, which btw isn't being paid for, mention his name all she she wants, but until she quits again and again and again…She will never the \”Queen\”Praise Art Bell! The King of quitting! Long Live the King!Praise BE!#dontsquatonthelegacy

  8. Yes, we all finally know who's stirring up dirt in the Kingdumb of K-NYE now that she finally reared her ugly head. Shameful, just shameful.

  9. Yes yes hand picked but look at Mike Siegel another heir to the throne. Art was great on radio… Other choices not so much. Keith was right to fire her. Come on anyone else say you can't go into work because your teacher died for several weeks, but also add on that no one can do your job until you get back. I believe LMN is calling the kettle here. Heather has a real problem differing from reality and her imaginary world. There are too many agreeing stories on the otherside. I don't think this is the proper path for her to pursue, but at least Vera won't have to beg for money for awhile.

  10. Could you guys grow up! Both sides are like a bunch of 12 year old little girls, and that's giving the 12 years.old girls a bad rap! Art was Art. Heather is Heather. Neither one is the same. I like them for the differences. Dave is a great host and there will come a day when Heather will have the same expertise. I like listening to them both. I'm not going to bum rap anybody. Being the host of a podcast has to be rough. I give hosts a great deal of respect, it's not for the average joe! Let's move on and be glad we have so many listening choices!

  11. I'm very surprised there is even a question on who Art Bell wanted to take over his show. Isn't it very obvious? SHE was there on site with Bell… SHE was on air with Bell's blessing…. SHE was living on the property after Bell allowed and suggested it. SHE was mentored by Bell. \”That SHE\”, is Heather Wade. Why are so many doubting, or even questioning this? I do realize the desire for the family wanting to continue Art's legacy with a website, but they already have available \”ArtBell.com\” for gosh sakes. What more and why would they need any other?

  12. After listening to the Karen Jackson interview (link in a message above) talking about Art Bell and Heather Wade, it's very obvious that Art was very fond of Heather, cared about her, and wanted her to succeed with her radio show that he gave to her.

  13. So, the bottom line based on the Karen Jackson interview, talking about Art Bell and Heather Wade:Art was very fond of Heather, Art cared about Heather, Art wanted Heather to succeed with her radio show that he gave to Heather. Heather was made the god-parent of Art's youngest child.Karen didn't like Heather and Karen made sure Art's wife didn't like Heather either, even though the wife liked Heather before Karen made sure she didn't like Heather.So, did I miss anything?

  14. Oh, one more thing I forgot… according to Karen, Heather was head-over-heels in love with Art, but Art didn't feel the same about Heather.

  15. Do you people not realize she lives in arts guest house which is his Studio which was given to her in his will … Art's wife was always jealous that he had a professional relationship with another woman and certain people are using that against her and twisting facts it's very sad

  16. Ha! Ain’t that the truth. And people are standing up for his gold digger widow like she was a saintly victim. He was a silly man, but damned entertaining when he was on the air. Heather’s a silly woman—maybe she has the perfect makings for a job that requires an odd person

  17. Fine, things got \”ugly\” – I'll get ugly – with the truth. Airyn was never anything by a mail order bride. I've never viewed her as anything but. She was a fill in while Art was waiting to die so he could be with his real wife, Ramona. Who he now is with. Listen to Art anytime he spoke of Ramona, even just while doing MITD. Ramona is the love of his life and afterlife. Airyn, just a blow up doll to pass the time. I feel for his kids, but not her. She got paid, she has her money.

  18. I don't understand this comment … I'm a TRUE Art Bell fan since the early 1990s…through the siriusxm…I tried multiple times to \”go with\” HW…I COULD NOT…nothing about her works for me…AB cannot be substituted for!

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