Hanford winds are blowing

There is some very important news from Hanford Washington..

According to reports, there are 11 workers at the now famed nuclear disaster site who are suffering nose bleeds, chest pains, and other ‘unusual’ symptoms..  The TV station reports that at this point no one us sure of where the ‘vapors’ are coming from.. 

And this story still fails to make national news and get any coverage it deserves.. unbelievable.

Clyde Lewis did a few Ground Zero programs on it–but others should be taking notice too.

This is a nuclear wreck and it should be getting headlines from all sources.

Instead, radiated crickets are all that is heard..

For those who are just beginning to obtain knowledge on what Hanford is: It’s a decommissioned US nuclear site in Washington state. It was established in 1943 as part of the Manhattan Project. The practices of disposing of nuclear materials was terrible, and the site became an eyesore of pollution with radioactive materials going into the air and the Columbia River.

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