‘Honey Boo Boo’ daughter: I was a molestation victim of the sex offender my mother is allegedly dating »

A very dark side of reality television is rearing its ugly head..

The amount of perversion that takes place to the youngest and most innocent of victims is deplorable—those victims are often offered up on the silver platter of fame and fortune. So often those false blessings turn into revolt and misfortune as the money dwindles and the spotlight glare of entertainment reality television is turned off, and the real unscripted reality sets in.

The most recent of these types of events comes as HONEY BOO BOO’s Momma June is back with a molester..

TLC dropped teh shoiw.

Now the oldest daughter says she was a victim.

All of this after years of ‘skettis’ and comical GIFs online.

The real story is tragic.
I always felt the entire cast of the various reality TV shows were tragic in a sense. Used and abused for cheap dollars but high advertising yields by corporations and cons.. The contracts are voluminous. Teen moms and all the like, HONEY BOO BOO as well. They work for cheap.. Much less compared to last century’s nighttime TV stars. These people are ‘real’ after all—or as real as we are permitted to see. There’s still scripts.. cameras.. crews.. and marketing firms. What we see is now what we get.. what we get is not real at all..

But, as we have seen for about 14 years now, people eat this up. And the constant diet of garbage is happily fed to the masses of asses by the grand schemers .. It’s an easy target audience: Everyone. The product? The worst stuff on earth..

Now HONEY BOO BOO’s life will change.. the scandal will continue, and undoubtedly the family that ate up fame as much as lard will ask for privacy.

Too late..

Their lives will now unfold in the public realm.. while the television production closes.

The devil’s in the details. Sell your soul? Get the horns..

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