Every year I present my favorite piece of nostalgia from pop culture.. The Fourth of July finale of the WONDER YEARS..

The show captured what Americana still exists in me–the idea that the past is in your little home town but the future so often leaves it.. The meaning of it, and the words spoken during this scene, become more haunting and true with each passing year.

Take this snapshot of Americana in 2015: Lots of Americans things that the country is actually two thousand and fifteen years old. Which is not true, despite yearly stories of Americans who behold such truths to be evident..

Instead we are 239 years of age.

But aging.

Look deeper to the economic plight of the nation, the decaying infrastructure, and the loosening traditions. There is a lot of work to do. There are positive pieces to give pride.. and others to remove hope.

It’s been worse before though.
We made it.
And can again.

The bombs bursting in air, gave proof to the night, that our flag was still there..

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Mark Dice strikes again.

What is worse: People thinking America is 2,015 years old? Or people celebrating without having a clue as to the country we declared independence from (Except tourists in America, who have  much more knowledge than Americans) ?

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Smaller Majority “Extremely Proud” to Be an American »

…but the numbers seem to be the same as they were prior to 2001 (before 9/11 and the patriotic wave of war took hold) .. So are we just going back to normal again?

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