Exorcist: Temptation — Not Possession — Is the Most Significant Demonic Activity

This news comes with a certain shade of religious bias.. the CATHOLIC NEWS REGISTER is reporting..


But this website has long covered news about exorcisms and the beyond belief version of modern religion.

It’s good to see some exorcists still calling out in the wilderness of priest scandals..


Father Dermine, who is French Canadian, has lived in Italy since shortly before his priestly ordination in 1979. An exorcist since 1994, he serves in the Italian Archdiocese of Ancona-Osimo.

He spoke about the life of an exorcist during the 14th course on exorcism and prayers of liberation, which is organized by the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum university and GRIS (The Socio-Religious Information and Research Group).

The weeklong course, which ended May 10, does not train new exorcists, but is intended to provide a general formation to priests and laypeople on what exorcism is and related topics. Father Dermine said that many of the laypeople attending the course are there at the request of their bishop, so they can learn how to better support and assist priests at exorcisms.

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