New Line’s The Curse of La Llorona is eyeing a $9.1 million-plus Friday for a $19M-$20M opening at 3,372 theaters..

DEADLINE REPORTING: Llorona‘s Friday bests Escape Room‘s first day plus previews ($7.6M), and it’s just under Pet Sematary‘s $9.9M and right on the money with Lights Out‘s $9.1M…

As far as the storyline of Llorona: The weeping woman legend..

La Llorona is about an apparition of a woman who is caught between heaven and hell. She sealed her own fate when she drowned her children in a jealous rage. After drowning her children, she threw herself in the river after them and wept in pain — now her tears are eternal..  And she stalks the night looking for children to replace her own.

The story has legend in Mexican folklure.. generations of people know the story.. The reason that “Maria” drowned her children was to get revenge for seeing her husband and the father of those children with another woman.. she is in agony after the deaths as she also drowns herself…

One legend is that she is the taker of children.. another legend has it that she kills cheating husbands, an angle this film did not explore.

But whatever the film did, it’s not being well-received by many people except horror fans who really wanted to see how filmmakers handled this legend on the big screen.

The film has been getting countless rancid ratings on various movie sites.. One stars.. no stars.. IT SCORES JUST 35% ON ROTTEN TOMATOES..

It is also a part of the CONJURING universe… (Which seems to be getting pretty large as of late) …
And the film is number one in a mostly dull Easter box office–the same weekend that Lorraine Warren died at 92..

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