Did Donald Trump kill MAD magazine?

You already knew this, I am sure.. old news in our modern age. We move on within seconds.

But I would like to take some extra time and acknowledge the most famous humor magazine that we have all grown up with.. we know who Alfred E. Neuman is.. Heck, Even Donald Trump recently said that Democratic candidate Pete Buttigieg looked like Alf himself..

News broke this past week that MAD MAGAZINE was ending its long run on shelves across the nation… The news was a bit confusing.. it’s ending. Kind of..

Initially it was reported widely that MAD was going to completely shut down and cease all operations. Fans were devastated..  So then some were relieved to find out that some new publications would still happen — but not really as people wanted.


MAD will be leaving the newsstand after issue #9, which will land on newsstands in early August with all-new content.. MAD #10 will also contain new content, but will be available only via direct market comic book retailers and subscriptions.

The plan at present is to continue publishing issues that will feature reprinted classic MAD pieces, wrapped with new covers art.

MAD will continue to publish its end of year specials, as well as books and special collections, capitalizing on the value of the MAD brand in spite of the loss of new content in the magazine.

But … the idea of a monthly or semi monthly MAD is over..

Which is too bad, since MAD taught generations to mock the status quo, to question authority, to laugh about the geo political climate, and just smile at the sarcasm.. Humor..

That humor gone.

While it may be obnoxious to get into a ridiculous and un-winnable argument about how no one laughs at anything anymore, it is actually true. No one laughs at anything anymore.

But just think about who spawned from MAD magazine! Without, there would not have been the irreverent humor of Saturday Night Live, South Park, the Simpsons, David Letterman, or the ONION..

So what killed MAD?
Maybe the idea that pop culture moved on.

Beyond the humorless society that we became, one pop culture event that recently occurred may have been the true death knoll for the publication.. Going back to Donald Trump.. the kind of Twitter insulted himself, the President, said that Mayor Pete looked just like Alfred E. Neuman…  Buttigieg, age 37, said that he and many others didn’t get the reference.

And MAD suddenly became obscure.

Mayor Pete may not have been being honest there–I am 38 and read MAD quite often for years in my life, and him being 37 makes it likely he did, too. But the insult back to Trump showcased that the humor and brand MAD once had saw its day.

What Me worry?
Yes… Worry indeed.

Mad’s 2019 number 8 edition showed what it’s still relevant to today’s news..

The Twitter post with its ‘don’t vaccinate’ joke said to leave this edition in your local doctors’ office..


But MAD is old.
It’s life has been on print…
And print is dead. So MAD went with it.


The title of this post is DID DONALD TRUMP kill MAD? That is a click bait style headline.. but also true. Trump made an insulting joke on Twitter that the baby boomers found funny. And that, in itself, was enough to kill Alfred and his usual gang of idiots.

John Carpenter, Tweeted this piece of sarcasm and humor on Twitter (*sarcasm and humor that is now dead*)

RIP Alfred.
RIP Mad.
RIP humor itself.

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