Did anyone ever see a ghost moth?

Some strange activity just took place in my home, at least I think it did, as I was working out of the corner my eye I saw a shadow flying around near the floor. I quickly turned around in my swivel chair and looked for whatever the shadow may have been. And somehow out of thin air I realized I was suddenly looking at a dark moth with a shadow underneath it near the floor..

I wondered to myself in the split-second when I so the moth, ‘how did this odd little creature even get in here, it is the middle of the day it is not flying near any light and it seemed to appear out of nowhere?’

It took no longer than two or three seconds before the moth was gone. And I mean gone. Vanished. And the strange part was it disappeared somehow while I was still watching it.

I know there have been some paranormal urban legends that have existed for such a long time about ghost cats and ghost dogs and even ghost rats. I don’t think I have ever heard one about a ghost moth. Until I experienced it myself today, and now I have a tale to tell.

If the moth reappears out of nowhere maybe my story of a ghost moth will be proven false. If I find a carcass of the little creature somewhere or see him again I will update you all .. but until then a ghost moth flies from realm to realm and it visited me today.

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