Coast to Coast wants its insiders back with the help of Art Bell beyond the grave

We hardly slept through the 90s and early 2000s.. we were hooked to the night life of UFO talk, ghosts, and all things weird.

Art Bell guided us through our nights, the lonely times.. the happy times.. the miserable times. We were with him through the Phoenix Lights, Mel’s Hole, 9/11, and Katrina..

And now finally the official COAST TO COAST AM page has opened up the ‘vault’ of old Bell shows…

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For years history has existed in either Youtube or contraband websites that Premiere Radio networks struck back against.. but now they finally answered the call of paying ‘insiders’ across the world: They opened the ‘Art Bell vault.’


From their press release:

This week, we’re excited to launch our newest feature for Coast Insiders: The Art Bell Vault. This ongoing curated collection features classic Art Bell programs. Easily some of the most compelling episodes hosted by Art Bell over the years featured guests with revelations that the proverbial ‘powers that be’ did not want the world the know. As part of our initial 20 shows launching the Art Bell Vault, we’ve picked five fantastic episodes where this ‘inside information’ took center stage. Coast Insiders can check out a 1999 program featuring the first-ever apperance on C2C by legendary guest ‘Dr. Doom’ Ed Dames.

We’re also highlighting an absolute classic program from 2003 wherein the mysterious John Lear shared insights into the UFO phenomenon and mused about the prospect for disclosure. Another awesome episode included in the collection involved remote viewer Russell Targ recounting the development of psychic spies for the government. Subscribers can also hear rocket scientist David Adair tell Art about his alleged experience being taken to Area 51 to see an alien spacecraft and a show featuring a man dubbed ‘Officer X,’ who claimed inside knowledge of a lost nuclear submarine which nearly sparked World War III.

AND JUST IN CASE YOU’RE WORRIED… Many of them feature the “5th” hours of content from back in the 90s when the show had a longer running time. Coast to Coast AM also does include Art’s beloved music, which became such an indelible part of his program.

This is a good thing.. past radio.. past hits.. past favorites. Back then when mysterious mysteries stayed mysterious…


Kudos to Coast to a good decision and great announcement to paying-fans all around the world.. After all, they own it ALL .. why not share it with the world.. FOR COLD HARD CASH..

Though plenty of free material is already available and has been for years.

Once again… COAST moves slow…


Long live Art Bell.

Long live the king of paranormal radio..

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