​This past weekend, a very important Coast to Coast AM aired.. The Saturday program, hosted by Darkness Radio’s Dave Schrader featured several guests that spoke about the cold case from 1982 of Johnny Gosch.. 

Gosch was the first person who appeared on a milk carton in the 80s… he was a paperboy who was taken from his route. Police did not immediately help in the search and labeled it a non crime.. the only ferocious advocate of Johnny became his mother, Noreen.

Coast to Coast AM featured Noreen Gosch, along with David Belinson and Michael Galinsky. Belinson and Galinsky are both filmmakers of a documentary entitled WHO TOOK JOHNNY. The film chronicles the story of Noreen and her quest to find justice in a small town, fight a system that ended up being a part of the problem, and become a vocal advocate for truth and others who found themselves embroiled in the same awful scenario…

There are so many aspects to the Gosch story — long time readers of this website may recall other articles I have done on Gosch and related stories. 

The intrigue over Gosch never has gone away.. As a matter of fact, with the increased attention given to child pedophile networks and human trafficking, the Gosch case has become even more important and timely.

In the late 1980s and early 90s, a rash of news broke regarding a man named Larry King—not the talk show host. King was the head of a failed credit union called the Franklin Credit Union. He was also an African American rising star of the Republican party, even opening the 1984 GOP convention by singing the national anthem.  FEDs busted the credit union, and King ended up in jail. But troubling details of the Franklin Credit Union was this: It also may have been involved with a child sex ring that provided kidnapped kids to the highest leaders in the nation. You can Google the Franklin Credit Union scandal … you can decide for yourself.

While you’re it, try looking at YouTube for a documentary titled ‘Conspiracy of Silence.’ It was filmed in the early 90s by British filmmakers in Omaha.  The documentary was never aired—squelched by people who feared the repercussions. Thankfully thanks to the Internet it’s online. 

Google Paul Bonnaci—he was spoken about on Coast to Coast AM Saturday. He is the only witness who said he had direct knowledge of Gosch—saying he took him!—and was ever interviewed by police. Noreen Gosch met with him privately however, and troubling details of the immediate aftermath of Johnny’s kidnapping was revealed to her. That footage is included with the WHO TOOK JOHNNY documentary..

Another subject you can research: John DeCamp. He is one of the most vital and truthful people who has ever lived.. he is constantly fighting against the system, and has played an important role in the Gosch and Franklin Credit Union cases..

And for some fun and intrigue, look into connections between all of these stories and the giant redwood trees of California … a little place for the elite called the Bohemian Grove. 

I have listened to Noreen Gosch several times throughout the years.  During this interview conducted by Schrader, she sounded different. She sounded like she lived a life she never expected.. like she is filled with a vast amount of sadness… I cannot assume things about her or for her. But I certainly can feel empathy for what she has gone through..

Yes, there are some who said then and still say now that Noreen Gosch is not stable. That she had made up the supposed March 1997 2am knock at her door when she said that Johnny came home for just a short amount of time to explain what occurred to him and that he was safe… 

Do I believe her?

Yes. I at least believe that she believes it. I read someone that someone believes she made it up to stay sane. Or …. Sometimes in life the most insane of things can happen.


This story is immensely important.. not just because it was the first milk carton case or because it was the beginning of the kidnap fears of the 80s (think of the DIFF’RENT STROKES episode where Arnold and Sam battled the kidnapper in a van before Mr. Drummond got there in time) … But it is important even more so for today’s modern age.

We want to cover our eyes and souls from the darkness that exists in life.. from the horror that happens in the world. But crimes against children are not going away. Human trafficking are even more common than ever before.. Yes, these crimes exist. And yes, these horrors happen.

Hold your child close. Keep them aware of dangers.. Trust your instincts. 

And listen to the story of Noreen Gosch. Listen to her words. And watch WHO TOOK JOHNNY.. It is available on iTunes and Amazon now. And in a few weeks on Netflix..  

Finally we are hearing information and the deep true story of the quest to find Johnny Gosch….A missing person who vanished from life at the age of 12. Stuck in a time.. stuck in a moment… and gone ever since. 

​As expected, David Paulides dropped new stories during his appearance last night on Coast to Coast AM.. Stories of hunters. Weird tales of people who know the forest, people who utilize various forms of instrumentation to find directions, people who carry weapons, all vanishing without a trace. In some instances, traces are found. In one specific story, one man was found after being dead for two weeks. But he wasn’t dead the whole time.. the coroner’s report in that instance said he was dead for only four days. The weird anomaly: His feet were literally worn down to the bone—literally the bottoms of his feet were worn away.

These are the types of stories that David Paulides tells George Knapp, the occasional host of the macabre airwaves under the cover of moonlight..

There was a new bombshell dropped last night during the program. Paulides described a bow hunter in the forest with her Blackberry—before the bankruptcy of the company, obviously. She noticed how the forest seemed to stop dead—no noise, no sound. Just silence. It felt strange. She went on to describe what really makes little sense: Just like in the movie PREDATOR, fuzzy saran-wrap-like figures jumping from one tree to the next.. She even snapped a photo of what appeared to be a mostly fuzzy landscape with a hairlike structure near the edge of the picture. The amazing story aside, the bow hunter’s husband is Dr. Bruce Maccabee—a very well known UFO expert..

It’s all so weird, so bizarre.

Paulides went on last night to also remind listeners of some prior cases where people came back from being missing. Those people describe having fuzzy memories, people looking at them from behind shrubs in the woods, or not even recall being last.  Almost like walking into another reality, as George Knapp pointed out during the show.

I have been an avid reader of Paulides books. I also spoke to George Knapp about this very topic a bit ago… It fascinates me and scares me alike. I live near the woods in Pennsylvania. And I also had me own experience that I wrote about in May 2014.

During that time, I had a similar experience where the ‘forest went silent.’  Though my moment of silence was even weirder because, at midnight when it occurred, one lone songbird actually began to sing in the middle of the night.  I saw a meteor or something streak across the sky, and then immediately began hearing what sounded, for lack of any better explanation, a chain-like noise. Almost like something being drug across the forest floor. But I did not hear footsteps. My dog Mutley heard it too and got into an attack formation, coupled with the hair on his spine rising as high as I ever saw it..  The noise continued to get louder and louder until it seemed like it was literally on top of me. I grew very cold and afraid. Despite turning on a spotlight on the side of the house, I saw nothing at all.. The noise dissipated after a few minutes. It felt like I was in the middle of a recording, or endless loop of some other reality.. 

The most troubling aspect of my personal tale is this: I had this foreboding sense about the whole thing. While I wanted to go about 15 more feet and step into the forest, I had some weird notion that whatever it was making this noise WANTED me to walk into the woods.. almost like it was tempting me to enter its territory and terrain, as though there was some weird boundary that it could not cross… 

Equally strange was a conversation I had with a deer hunter a few months ago.  Given my interest I the unusual, I asked him if he ever had a ‘dead forest’ moment when he hunted. He said he did.. but it did not last long. He was deer hunting at a camp with several other hunters. While outside for a cigarette, he said the woods literally went dead and lifeless for about ten or so seconds. And then the noises of the forest came back again.

All so weird.. so strange. So peculiar. 

The complex mystery continues. There seems to be no sound answer to the lost and unfound. 

David Paulides offered no reasonable explanation, as he purposely does not. George Knapp described it all as best he could: Like a harvest.

The harvest idea may be the most frightening of all to contemplate. 

Richard Sryett was hosting Coast to Coast AM while George Noory attended an event in San Francisco last night. Though his interview with Marie Jones on mind control and cults may have been worthy, the real show was taking place in a virtual world. George Noory posted on Bellgab after months of offline time..

Noory’s return seemingly stemmed from Art Bell’s message on Facebook critical of Noory’s use of the term ‘wanna take a ride,’ a catch line long associated with the Coast Bell incarnation voiced by Ross Mitchell since the 1990s. Noory addressed the charge of theft, saying, “sorry but Ive been using it since my days in St.louis and picked it up on Coast in 2001 when I started filling in for Art. We both got it from the movie Contact. Ross even had liners for us. Nothing sinister here folks.”

Users pounded quickly. But it was Steve Warner, the BELLGAB user known as BATEMAN, who seemed to get the ‘goatsie’ the most.

Warner began his own radio program in 2013 called DARK CITY, and was well known for pranking gags of George Noory during live call in shows on Coast to Coast AM. At that time, Warner said he was approached by Noory about appearing on Coast.  During Noory’s latest postings, Bateman continued pressing Noory about why he sent Warner a blank email message on April 23. Noory repeatedly denied sending the message, eventually admitting the possibility of something being sent, and posted “I was going to send you one (personal) a few days ago but never got around to it…..might have sent it blank during a commercial break? Steve I get 1000 emails during the shows and my staff is clicking saving etc for me until I read them.”

Warner spoke to the HORROR REPORT hours ago about this private message. He said, “I think he actually sent it because he heard me on a podcast poking fun at him and this was his way of saying ‘I’m watching you’ with plausible deniability. Whatever the reason, it’s funny he sent it at 3:30 in the morning when he’s supposed to be doing his show.”

Speaking more about his recent relationship with Coast, Warner again: “He started off telling me he wanted to do a ‘spooky, yet funny’ segment on Friday nights called ‘Here’s Bateman’, I shit you not. Then he put out feelers after John B. Wells got the boot on weekends.”  That was 2013 during Bell’s SIRIUS XM stint.

Warner continued, “Frankly, I think the Coast brand is toxic at this point, and I don’t need them or their 600 stations to be successful at this. We live in a vastly different media landscape than we did just a few years ago.”

x x x

A vastly different world indeed. One where two late night radio hosts are at war on a message board.
And speaking of war..
Noory’s other comment raised the ire of posters. He said,

I am the KING of late night radio. Long live the new KING!!! I deserve the crown.
This is a riot your upset over a king’s crown lol..we are about ready to go to war and YOURE concerned about my avatar

The avatar in reference is a koala bear. Previously when Bell quit his SIRIUS job, Noory used a symbolic crown.  Noory went on to post last night, “Redacted would you like me to have a crown of thorns   that was for a king too?.”

While it is unclear what ‘war’ may have been referred to—so many exist in the world after all— there is evidence that Premiere Radio and the MIDNIGHT camps are beginning to prepare for a corporate battle of wits and skills.

With ‘war’ in offing, Art Bell wrote a late to the game response to the night of Noory postings.

In full,

I see I am late to the party, spent the evening with my Child Bride, great night.

Perhaps I have it wrong so if I do please correct me. Did Dave say we were going to War? Did he say something about wearing a Crown of Thorns?

Did he say he was using Wanna Take a Ride in St Louis? Really? Dave I can get you a hell of a special buy now price on the Arch.

I hope Dave was drinking heavily, otherwise I can not understand what would make him say those things, just wait till he wakes tomorrow Afternoon and reads what he wrote!

I told you, you can predict this guy like a clock, as soon as he knows I am coming back it begins and it will keep ramping up as we near July. Dave if you were running for office as a sitting President any advisor worth a crap would tell you to shut the hell up and stop helping the other side.

As most of you know I had made a deal not to strike first and I want it noted here that I did not, I simply reacted to recordings of Dave mumbling wanna take a ride and the clock struck midnight and Dave arrived right on time trying to rewrite History.

Time for bed, night all.



The ‘war’ is on.. battle stations are armed. Words are slinging and flinging in HTML, FTPed, and instant..
The radio world is facing the internet world. That, perhaps, is the war..

Keith Rowland has acknowledged to the HORROR REPORT that Art Bell, in his July 2015 return to live internet radio, may not be able to beat the juggernauts of Limbaugh and Hannity, but the BELL camp is hoping to transform the landscape. However, as evidenced by the BELLGAB postings, there will be a number of virtual missiles launched prior to the summer skirmish.

The HORROR REPORT has reached out to Coast to Coast AM, and George Noory for comment.
At the time of this posting, there has not been a response..
The story will be updated if contact is successful.


There is a chance—some may disagree—but there’s a chance that George Noory is a nice guy. He may also be the luckiest guy on the planet..

Noory took over Coast to Coast AM several years ago from then host Art Bell.. I have posted quite a bit about Bell and Noory over the past several years. But Noory, regardless of ‘niceness,’ is also strange. And lucky.. Very lucky.

If you’re a newcomer listening to his show for the first time, your takeaway may be confusion.. head scratching that a man who mumbles so much, goofs up so many words, uses the wrong tenses, mispronounces everything, and so often seems to be aloof if not plain asleep during his interviews, still has a radio program. Premiere Radio still employs. And even more, he has 600+ affiliates.

Sure there’s some form of technicality that states if a station gets Rush, they get the other PremRat shows, too..

But Noory? Oh .. George.. A host with thousands of pages on a message board to documenting his every mispronunciation and incorrectly worded statement.. But the message boarders don’t have a radio show. George Noory does..

But then something happens, like what happened today.. George Noory appeared on the Alex Jones radio program to plug his ‘Insulate the Grid’ initiative, an attempt to help the grid maintain an EMP attack or massive life-altering solar flare. While guesting on the program, Jones attempted to swerve Noory into uncharted territory: Ferguson, Missouri. Noory maintained composure, spoke with confidence about how both the protesters should go home and the police should stop employing hardcore military tactics.. He blamed both sides, something Jones couldn’t counter completely live on air.. Further, Noory spoke with a certain bit of eloquence about why insulating the grid from outside attacks makes sense, and is the moral necessity of this generation..

(Speaking of Noory’s involvement with maintaining the grid’s security.. one eloquent observer notes some of the oddities surrounding Noory endorsing something of thisnature in the comments thread on WORLD NET DAILY.. it’s a must read.)

The Noory that appeared on Jones’ program is not the same that hosts his own show nightly..

This Noory, the day time version, didn’t botch words or forget what he was talking about.. he didn’t zone out during the interview, but instead was very much engaged .. he didn’t mumble words or jumble sentences together sounding like a mindless bot..

I frankly don’t understand..
Is it possible—just possible—that George Noory is tired by the time his own program begins? Maybe he just…isn’t awake anymore. Perhaps he’s not the Night Owl he once was.. his metabolism is shifting as he ages in life..

Noory has often commented that he’s no Art Bell—the obvious master of the macabre of late night radio. But sometimes George Noory is no George Noory either.. The Noory of day time radio or interviews while the sun shines is a coherent human who makes statements that make sense.. the night time version seems more to be a confused old man grasping in the dark for the right word to say..

I don’t host my own radio show. And I probably could not, though I have often pretended I could. So maybe Noory is just nervous on his own show.. perhaps constantly trying to play it safe as to not annoy or anger the hierarchy at Premiere Radio.

Or after 10pm on the Left Coast, when the CHASE begins to play, Noory gets tired.. very, very tired..

In a recent edition of John B. Well’s CARAVAN TO MIDNIGHT  radio program, the former Coast to Coast AM radio host unleashed on current Coast host George Noory without naming him directly.

During episode 63 of the CARAVAN talked about his ‘old radio program’ and how he thought he would be ‘among persons’ of ‘higher thinking,’ discussing subjects that were stimulants to the ‘brain and spirit.’  Wells said that some from Coast to Coast AM have contacted him, hinting that it is a means of keeping an eye on him.  He said that someone from the old program wanted him to post his shows ahead of time.

You may recall that Art Bell publicly stated during his brief stint on SIRIUS XM that Coast to Coast AM was poaching his guests and also telling their guests not to appear on the DARK MATTER program.

Wells was also critical of Coast to Coast’s choices of guests, stating that Coast purposely brought on a nuclear expert to downplay the Fukushima disaster.

During another program after his initial comments regarding Coast to Coast AM, Wells also gave a public ‘hello’ to Lisa Lyons–someone who is associated with Coast to Coast AM. Perhaps an allusion is being made that Lyons was the insider from Premiere who asked Wells who his guests were before he had them on.

Wells exited as the Saturday host of Coast to Coast AM months ago. At that time, Premiere Radio seemed to take the position that Wells went off onto a new venture. Even Noory, who publicly commented about the Wells departure on his program, said that John Wells left the program to do his own radio program. However, others including Wells himself have alluded to a forceful exit as opposed to the peaceful goodbye espoused by Premiere Radio.

The CARAVAN TO MIDNIGHT radio program has recently been fighting over online piracy, with Wells naming names during his programs and publicly decrying the pirate streams and YouTube uploads of his program. The CARAVAN TO MIDNIGHT is an online only show and subscription only service exists. 


George Knapp, seemingly the last bastion of hope on the show Coast to Coast AM, will be featuring the topic (again) of missing persons..

Some may think that the topic has been overdone.. David Paulides is soaking every bit of fame and fortune he can get with the notion that ‘something’ has been taking people in national forests for decades–if not centuries..

Tonight’s program promises some newer stories, locations, and undoubtedly creepy occurrences of people who simply vanish without a trace.

But despite Knapp’s questioning, Paulides has yet to introduce his theory as to what happened to all of these people he has written about (and what may still be happening if whatever paranormal entity is still up to no good under the shade of large trees) ..

I still think we are heading for the eventual Paulides unveiling that Bigfoot may be the responsible culprit.

Until then at least we get good radio compared to the typical sub-par buffoonery that has become this program..

Eventually.. BIGFOOT will be revealed–at least that’s my prediction.
What say you, Mr. Paulides?

Former Coast to Coast AM Saturday host John B Wells now hosts a daily program called CARAVAN TO MIDNIGHT.  He did not leave Coast on his own volition.

While rumors have persisted as to why Wells was forced from his hosting duties, he is hinting that banter about Fukushima may be to blame.

Wells said during this program:

This Fukushima thing is for real people. Despite the objections from the staff and the ‘on highs’ at Coast to Coast AM, I mentioned Fukushima every chance I got. And before it was it over with, why even the captain began talking about Fukushima. Well, we’re just a little bit late. Fukushima was almost 3 years ago and it has not improved. I used to ask over and over again, why is the world not rushing to Fukushima? I’ll tell you why, because there’s nothing they can do about it and they know it. So what we’re going to have to do is play this ball where it lays. What we’re going to have to do is we’re going to have to shut down our nuclear power plants in this country.

Since wells has left his duties, the Saturday program has offered a steady stream of fill-in hosts. No one since Wells has spoken a word about radiation or Fukushima..

George Noory commented that the program was going to go ‘in a different direction’ when Wells left.

Not even Noory, who occasionally hosted a Fukushima program, hasn’t spoken a word about it either…

Ever since John B. Wells left his permanent slot as the Saturday host of Coast to Coast AM, Premiere Radio has given listeners a strange brew of random hosts. George Knapp and Dave Schrader have answered the call, but other amateurs have gone overboard as the tryouts continue to replace the highly rated Wells.

This weekend saw one such host, David Ruben, a self-proclaimed ‘dream expert’ and educator. He interviewed John Lear–a famed name from Coast to Coast annals and UFOlogy.

And then the train wreck commenced.

Ruben allowed Lear to take over the program. Lear randomly cited strange conspiracies, briefly talked about how 9/11 was a hoax and men are living on the moon. Lear claimed there were 40 planets in our solar system–a busy place–and even said Siegfried of Siegfried and Roy died, leading to the mauling of the ‘stand in’ playing Siegfried. Ruben was unable to reign in Lear as he rambled on throughout three hours of programming.

During the third hour, however, Ruben suffered what appeared to be an on-air breakdown.  Lear was describing his tale of seeing a UFO when Ruben said he had a flashback to his pre-teen childhood when he lived in Hawaii. Ruben said he saw a beam of light escaping the water. Lear told him that if he saw a UFO he was ‘on it,’ alleging that people who see UFOs only see them after they are abducted and experimented on.

The prospect forced Ruben into a strange diatribe.. He began breathing heavily as the panic ran through his body. Lear went on to hint that awful things may have been done to him, leaving Ruben completely in a new place. A strange place..

While Lear went back to his script, Ruben finally intervened–only to further insist he was in a panic and his perspective on life had just changed.

The fine users at the popular message board BELL GAB have done their due diligence by documenting the bizarre radio scene from Saturday night ..

And this is what Premiere Radio networks is putting out over 500+ stations? This is the show built from the ground up by Art Bell? And THIS is the type of person auditioning to replace a albeit politically controversial but highly rated John B. Wells?

I assume David Ruben may not be a host in the near future. He may, however, be abducted by aliens in the beams of light escaping the Hawaiian ocean.

As for Lear? ? He’ll be a guest again. Maybe again on the next April fools show.

From time to time, Coast to Coast AM host George Noory chats live with listeners who pay a monthly fee to get the chance.. He was asked several questions about John Wells termination (we stand by that word) as the Saturday host of Coast, and also one about Clyde Lewis..

Snippets from the chat conducted Tuesday February 11, 2014:

Comment From dave in tucson We miss John B. Wells. I understand this is business, but will he ever be back? Maybe even as a guest. Tuesday February 11, 2014 
george noory: No…I’m disappointed too, but without getting INTO it…He wanted his own thing…and we amicably parted ways. Some say he was fired. He wasn’t. He’s a freelancer, not an employee…we simply have decided to move on…as he has as well.

Comment From Nightshade George, are you now afraid to do Politcal shows like John B Wells? Tuesday February 11, 2014 
george noory: Afraid to do political shows…not at all. We did shows on 9/11, Bilderbergs, NW order, Federal Reserve…BEFORE anyone on mainstream media…but we don’t call them political.

Comment From Lenny Thomas How long to you plan on doing Coast to Coast? Who would be someone you would want to take over after you? Tuesday February 11, 2014 
george noory: Lenny, I just signed a LONG tern contract. So ask me that question in 2021.

Comment From dee do you listen to Clyde GROUND ZERO? Tuesday February 11, 2014 
george noory: No…way too busy getting ready for c2c. He’s very capable and that’s why we brought him in.

Comment From Izzy Will you ever have some of the guests that John Wells used to have on your shows? Tuesday February 11, 2014 
george noory: Some, most likely…all, no

Comment From qqd769 Is it true that C2C is now filling the slot once held by Art Bell on Sirius 104? Tuesday February 11, 2014 
george noory: Let me explain the Sirius story:Tuesday February 11, 2014 
george noory: Art thinks there’s something sinister. Not true. We were on XM LONG before he was was. The channel went away and we began negotiations with Sirius/XM to come back on a different channel. Art then popped up..and as you know…quit within a blink of an eye. Our negotiations with Sirius/XM settled with them offering 104 to us and they even paid US to be on. We of course grabbed the offer.

Nothing sinister.. Wells parted ways amicably. And George Noory will be chatting monthly until 2021.

For a fee..