Talk stream Live has released its ‘power 50’ list of the most influential and listened to streaming  talk shows  … A few notables: Michael Savage edged out Rush.. Alex Jones is in the top ten.. Clyde Lewis in the top 20.. And the newest addition: Heather Wade from MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT, makes the cut..

The list:

1 Michael Savage
2 Rush Limbaugh
3 Laura Ingraham
4 Sean Hannity
5 Mark Levin
6 Glenn Beck
7 Hugh Hewitt
8 Alex Jones
9 Howie Carr
10 George Noory
11 Tammy Bruce
12 Mike Gallagher
13 Dennis Prager
14 Herman Cain
15 Red Eye Radio
16 John Batchelor
17 Clyde Lewis
19 The Dana Show
20 Chris Plante
21 Michael Medved
22 Larry Kudlow
23 Larry Elder
24 The Power Hour
25 Jeff Kuhner
26 Bill Cunningham
27 Lars Larson
28 Steve Deace
29 Jimmy Church
30 Jesse Lee Peterson
31 Kim Komando
32 America’s Morning News
33 Joe Pags
34 Bob Brinker
35 Dave Ramsey
36 Brian Sussman
37 Phil Valentine
38 Heather Wade
39 Texas Overnight
40 Aaron Klein
41 Joe Piscopo
42 Agenda 21 Radio
43 Brian Kilmeade
44 Leo Laporte
45 Jim Bohannon
46 Dr. Michio Kaku
47 Clark Howard
48 Armstrong & Getty
49 Robert Scott Bell
50 Mark Davis

Wade took over for Art Bell when he abruptly left his program in 2015. Throughout ’16 she worked to keep an audience and build a new one..

Art Bell went on Facebook hours ago to congratulate Wade, commenting this,

A really big congrats to Heather Wade who just made the big list! If you have not heard her program in a long time you will be shocked at how good she has become!

Late in the 1990s, on a cold night, I fondly recall being covered up with warm blankets.. the room was dark.. and a small AM radio was playing next to my bed. Long before iPods and phones, the age of dial up was just too slow.. The radio worked fine.  The voice of Art Bell interviewing Father Malachi Martin billowed through the shadows… They chatted about the ‘perfect’ possession.. Bell bragged that Martin told him of the TRUE secrets of Fatima.. it was all given to us like a novel, like a perfect novel. About perfect possession.

Father Malachi Martin was a very real Jesuit priest. He passed away just before the turn of the century.. His mark was made on the paranormal world thanks to Coast to Coast AM at that time, and other media outlets that broadcast his story ..

Martin’s fame was given a higher credibility after his numerous appearances with Bell. But his story did not end with the radio show appearances.

Father Martin is well known in the exorcism community as being a major player — he often even said he could spot possessed persons as he walked the streets of his home town of New York City..

He was involved in a number of exorcisms.. He battled demons, he said. And now thanks to a new Netflix documentary hitting this weekend, others will say he claim he battled demons as well..

The new feature length documentary HOSTAGE TO THE DEVIL will feature some stunning claims .. such as this: That after an exorcism in 1999, and after a fall that later led to his death, Fr Martin told a friend that an invisible force had pushed him, leading to the head trauma…

Writer and producer Rachel Lysaght recalled how Fr Martin, from Ballylongford in Kerry, had his first encounter with exorcism while in Egypt working on a book, The Scribal of the Dead Sea Scrolls. The story will go on to showcase ACTUAL footage from exorcisms.. we are told that faces will be blurred to protect the possessed.

One amazing claim gaining a lot of traction today  thanks to a link on the Drudge Report (Drudge was a listener to Art Bell back in the day as well, don’t forget) is this: The UK DAILY MAIL is blaring this: Catholic priest who inspired The Exorcist died from a fall after a ‘possessed’ child spoke to him and he was ‘pushed over by an invisible force’, CIA agent claim

Reporting from the MAIL as follows:

Ahead of the release of a new documentary, his close friend Robert Marrow has lifted the lid on the moment he believes the priest was effectively killed – when a possessed four-year-old girl he was meant to be exorcising spoke to him in America.

Talking to RTE Radio 1’s The Ryan Tubridy Show, the producer of the feature-length show called Hostage to the Devil Rachel Lysaght recalled a harrowing moment during filming. 

Former CIA agent Mr Marrow retracted the steps to Connecticut where Father Martin had offered to carry out an exorcism on the four-year-old girl. 

When he arrived at the neutral home, the family were already there, and the girl walked up to the priest and said: ‘So you’re Malachi Martin – and you think you can help her?’, suggesting she was talking while having an out-of-body experience. 

It has been claimed that after the exchange in 1999, a fall led to his death from a head trauma at the age of 78. 

He told a friend that it was caused by an invisible force that pushed him. 

By this time, the father from County Kerry in South-Western Ireland was hiring himself out as a private exorcist and it is believed he was the inspiration behind the famous film released in 1973. 

Due to Father Martin’s age, Mr Marrow drove him to his clients across America where he had relocated after turning his back on the church.

The former CIA agent told RTE the encounter between the priest and the girl was the most disturbing thing he had ever seen, according to Rachel Lysaght, who also wrote the new documentary. 

There are times I have my doubts.. We all do. Faith in God is one thing. Faith in the devil– or at least the acknowledgment that one exists– seems more difficult. But Father Martin had no doubts. He was aware perhaps of things that none of us want to be.. that none of us are able to be.. that very few of us would ever believe if we saw.

If the stories presented are to be considered true, then the real mysteries of the paranormal and bizarre are even deeper and more foreboding than anything we know.

I will be watching this documentary on Sunday January 15 on Netflix. I think you should too..

And if you never heard or experienced the wonderful dark long nights of 1990s Coast to Coast AM, go back on YouTube and give it a whirl.. start with a search for “Art Bell Malachi Martin.”  And let the mysteries of the deep darkness within our souls become revealed..

Art Bell, making national headlines for his lawsuit against conservative talk show giant Michael Savage, has again taken to Facebook to address fans and the current events..

Bell writes,

I am taking my Family out of town and caught the fact that somehow they got the date of that horrible Broadcast wrong, it was Sept 23RD and I can go one better, here it is on UTube, you will want to listen to between :35 and :36….. I would like to again thank some of the Titan’s of the Broadcast Industry who have already offered help in saying they understood instantly who Savage meant in his awful so called, in the Broadcast Industry joke. If any of you have any information, please contact my Attorney Gerry Fox in Los Angeles at (310) 441-0500. If you don’t hear from us for a while it is because I want to get my Family away from this mess for a while.

Art Bell

The reaction among fans and foes has been varied.. some on Facebook lamenting Savage’s bombastic style.. and others lamenting Bell’s quick attitude to sue..

BELL GAB  included..

Among one comment made on Bellgab,

The Michael Savage show with those comments was back in Sept.  No one here even heard it, or if they did they didn’t even find it postworthy.  Airyn didn’t hear it.  Apparently Art didn’t hear it.

One of Art’s ”friends” told him, and he couldn’t just keep it to himself.  If anyone upset the pregnant lady and caused all the emotional turmoil in his family, it was Art Bell.  If anyone has caused this to be spread around the internet, it’s Art Bell.


The longtime host of the paranormal-themed “Coast to Coast AM” program sued Mr. Savage for defamation and invasion of privacy on Wednesday over comments said during a Sept. 25 episode of “Savage Nation” that he believes were made in reference to him and his wife.

“I generally avoid gun questions. I know this from the first day in radio. I learned you never do certain topics where you can destroy your show,” Mr. Savage said during the broadcast, according to a transcript contained in the 16-page complained filed by Mr. Bell’s attorneys in San Francisco federal court this week.

“You say UFOs, you wind up in the Philippines with a 10-year-old hooker and you are off the radio after a number of years. You can’t do UFOs,” Mr. Savage continued. “That’s an in joke, by the way, for people who understand the business. There are other topics you can’t do.”

Mr. Bell, 71, predominately discussed UFOs during the decades he spent hosting “Coast to Coast AM.” In 2006 he married a much younger Philippines national, Airyn Ruiz Bell, and announced his retirement the following year.

In October 2006, Bell threatened Rogers Cadenhead with a lawsuit for some allegedly libelous comments posted on Cadenhead’s blog, which Cadenhead has said he will defend himself against under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act..
Bell also was famous for a lawsuit in the year 2000..


The suit, filed WEDNESDAY in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of CALIFORNIA, alleges that on SEPTEMBER 25th, SAVAGE defamed the couple with the comment, “You say UFOs, you wind up in the PHILIPPINES with a 10-year-old hooker and you are off the radio after a number of years. You can’t do UFOs. That’s an in-joke, by the way, for people who understand the business.”

The suit notes that “Ms. BELL has never been a prostitute and was 22 years old when the BELLS married. Also, Mr. BELL was not ‘off the radio’ because he discussed UFOs or married Ms. BELL. These facts were publicly known and closely followed by many in the radio broadcasting industry and general public.”


Meanwhile the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS is hitting with a piece calling Bell a tinfoil hat talker and mocking who a witness list would be for such a trial..

Bell, responding to hundreds of comments (and growing) on his Facebook page, writes this:

I have never spoken to Michael Savage, AKA Michael Weiner, I don’t know him. As you read for some reason that I just can’t figure out on his show he simply went after my Wife and myself in the most horrible way any person can go after another. We have never had words between us of any kind. That said, he attacked us with plain Malice and for no reason. I have been so angry that I nearly did something that would land me in jail. Instead I contacted my Lawyer and had him send a demand for retraction which was ignored. Now I have filed a Lawsuit. I want to thank the leaders in Broadcasting that have already come forward to say they will gladly Testify that they know exactly what was said and who he meant. Beyond that I am going to be gone for a while to try and keep my Family away from the publicity and the honest to God hurt this has brought. My Wife is Pregnant and does not need this, nor do I. I am sure most of you can see his statement for what it is. So I will be out of the area for a while and any comments I might make will have to wait till I get back and more to the point calm down, I can not remember being this gut angry in my life. For anybody willing to help my Lawyer is Gerry Fox in Los Angeles and can be contacted at (310) 441-0500.


A developing story that we will continue watching ..

Art Bell announced with an impromptu picture last night posted to Facebook that there was more than one turkey in the oven!

The task show legend appears to be heading towards being a father for another round.

In the picture with his wife and daughter, Bell posted a sign that there is a “Baby Bell” in the oven with a timer to go off by July 2017..

From the HORROR REPORT, a sincere congratulations to the Bell family. Prayers with your wife for a healthy pregnancy. And prayers to your daughter to be a great big sister.


The legendary talk show host has taken to Facebook again to discuss his political thought concerning campaign 2016. Bell has made himself a lightning rod for criticism even from fans when he publicly came out in support for Donald Trump. Last night’s 2005 tape bombshell has not changed his mind..

From his Facebook post:

I see the gloves have come off in this crazy campaign. Yes what Trump said was bad but Men’s locker room talk is just that, it will not effect my vote.

Now we learn that Hillary said to Wall St that her Public and private positions are not the same, that you have to lie to be elected. She is for OPEN borders and trade. She supports the pipeline (in private)Wall St insiders are what is needed to fix Wall St! And so much more.

Later in the thread, Bell wrote,

I agree, this changes nothing for me, if you go back in any persons life and record private moments when they didn’t know a mic was hot you will get something like that from Decades ago


The strange truly occurred tonight.. Heather Wade, host of Midnight in the Desert, briefly appeared on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory during his opening news segment to speak about Art Bell’s health condition. Hearing her voice in that program once would have been consisted impossible .. The impassible happened.

Wade kept to the facts. She explained Bell’s frequent hospitals visits due to colitis and complications with COPD–along with a rough case of pneumonia  .. 

Obe humorous aspect was that Art Bell had to be transferred from a hospital because they didn’t have CNN as an option, and went to a larger Las Vegas facility..

Bell is exercising and slowly recovering in his home in Pahrump.. Wade credits Airyn for staying by Bell’s side during the ordeal..

Noory ended the brief interview with a note that Coast and Midnight listeners are praying for the legendary talk show host.

Noory moved on to present his regularly scheduled program, along with ’emerging artists’..  

The HORROR REPORT can independenty confirm tonight that MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT host Heather Wade is scheduled to appear on  Coast to Coast AM August 7, 2016!

The news may startle some.. Comfort others.

Either way, Wade will be a guest during the short news segment at the beginning of the program to speak about Art Bell’s health condition.

The HORROR REPORT can also confirm, despite rumors, George Knapp will not be hosting the August 7th program that Wade will appear on. Instead, mainstay host George Noory will be broadcasting…

Art Bell recently has been the victim of two hospital stays and some severe complications of COPD, an ailment he has been suffering from for years due to his 20th century smoking habit and other causes that would create the ailment..

Wade is set to update fans of Coast and Midnight about Bell’s condition…

A strange world we live in!!
Wading from the DARK MATTER RADIO NETWORK into Premiere territory..


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