What Particle X would mean for physics

What Particle X would mean for physics:


For those who care or understand, there may soon be an announcement that shreds the old world of information and replaces it with a new one..

“This is by far the most exciting thing that has happened in particle physics over the last three decades. If this hint of new physics is confirmed – something that could happen within just a few weeks, or possibly even within days – it is difficult to state the importance of such a discovery. It would be bigger than the detection of the Higgs boson, which was just confirmation of what was already known.
“If the bump is real, we are about to start writing a whole new chapter in the history of fundamental physics. It is impossible to imagine where this could lead.”

The biggest since Higgs? The biggest since Einstein? The biggest ever?

The future is waiting.
We are finally catching up.

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