Trump demands apology from ‘Hamilton’ after cast’s message to Pence

Trump demands apology from ‘Hamilton’ after cast’s message to Pence:


The next four years are going to continue like this. So as long as Donald Trump has a Twitter account, he is going to use it like the millions of others who do: Nonstop barrages of commentary on mundane events.

The President-Elect is normally busy building a team of rivals, or friends, or whatever type of cabinet he wants to.. this year, Donald Trump is using his time to frequently go to Twitter to attack the cast of Hamilton–a broadway show that most likely most of Americans don’t care one bit about. This is not inside the beltway, but instead inside the big apple.. high above the lofty lofts of NYC are penthouses filled with people chattering about this. But the rest of the American people are scratching their heads at ..why..


Donald Trump is going to make just about everything about him over the next four years. No doubt people will bite every time. Why change now.

He will utilize Twitter to keep the masses who voted for him faithful to the cause, while silently changing policy opinions on world events and Obama care.. yes, the Hamilton attack only gives more red meat to those who have not had any since the last Trump rally.

By Saturday morning, both #NameAPenceMusical and #BoycottHamilton were trending on Twitter. There was a pro-Trump flash mob on Saturday night on Broadway. By Sunday, morning AM Trump again went to Twitter to slam Hamilton.

This is unprecedented.

Is it unpreseidential-elect?

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