Rumors abound online that multiple shooters were at Pulse

Rumors abound online that multiple shooters were at Pulse :

Firsthand eyewitness reports indicated the more than one shooter may have been present.. That accomplices were acting ‘together.’ That potentially more suspects are on the loose and that a media blackout is occurring.

A few points.
If there are multiple suspects on the loose that could explain the complete strange lack of real a tail concrete facts so far..
But also these investigations take time.
This was one of the worst shootings on American soil and is a dramatic escalation of terror on the American home land by ISIS. This is a big deal. Is law enforcement is cautious that makes logical sense..

But I also think, regardless of what facts stem from all of this in the final equation, that this is a new form of fear other nations have seen by America has yet to grow to understand. This is the American Bataclan. And it’s just as big of a deal..

My only enduring question….with smartphones and technology, and all of the modern marvels of CCTV, why haven’t we seen any videos inside? No footage. No Periscopes or snapchats. In not calling it a conspiracy but I’m certainly calling it weird.

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