New documentary film asks: Was Malachi Martin an exorcist or an exhibitionist?

New documentary film asks: Was Malachi Martin an exorcist or an exhibitionist? :

Martin was a showman.. any Art Bell fan with a memory will recall those sleepless nights in the late 1990s, listening to Father Martin deliver his damnation of the world… about the ‘perfectly possessed.’…

This new documentary explores:

Hostage to the Devil ( is a 90-minute documentary film by Marty Stalker. It has been produced with the co-operation of the Irish Film Board. This is fitting given that the story it tells starts in the far south of that country. Malachi Martin was born in County Kerry in 1921. Having graduated in philosophy from the University of Dublin, he joined the Society of Jesus and was ordained a priest in 1954. His further studies took him to Louvain in Belgium, to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and to Oxford University.

Thereafter, he was sent to Rome as Professor at the Pontifical Biblical Institute where he taught Aramaic, Hebrew and Sacred Scripture. His future career looked bright, especially when he was made Private Secretary to Cardinal Bea. It proved not to be so. The Second Vatican Council was called in 1962. Some would maintain that alongside the good intentions of those who convened it, other forces gathered too, intent on distorting the reception of the outcome of the Council.

I will look forward to seeing this film..

I have my personal thoughts about Fr. Martin and whether he really was believable..

The scary thing for me, though, always was this: It is safer to believe everything he said than doubt even one fraction of it.

Just in case.

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