Keep your beer goggles on. Just don’t wear Google glasses. A dive bar in Seattle has become the first place to ban the Google Glasses..

This is what will greet patrons:
The 5 Point's Glass ban logo.
And even though the article sort of makes a mockery of the owner and the bar, the points he makes are valid and …quite frankly, I agree wholeheartedly.
I understand a public place is not one where you go to find privacy.. but there’s something different about a dark and smoky bar. Well I guess not smoky, since cigs are banned in places, too.. but you catch my drift.
With Google Glass, all is known.. all is live.. all is streamed. No secrets.
Let’s keep some places sorta private? Please? Let’s keep the dive bar on AnyCorner, USA, a little under the radar? Without that, there’d be no place left to go!

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