Art’s parts: Bell warns smokers to stop; speaks about future of potential radio return 

Fans of Art Bell got s mixed message today when the radio legend posted on Facebook  that his health has been in turmoil and his career in radio is up in the air..


In Art Bell’s own words: 

Update on me
Ok so here is the latest on me. The big issue for me is my health. I came down with a raging case of Colitis which is what put me in the Hospital, was given very strong Antibiotics which did the job. The real problem is COPD which is bad enough now that I huff and puff just going to the mail box. I will not be a hypocrite and say I did not enjoy smoking all those Years, I did, I think Radio and smoking go together BUT it’s a high price to pay and for God’s sake if you don’t smoke, don’t start. If you do smoke, stop before it’s to late. Does this mean I can no longer do Radio? Quick answer I am not sure, I have good and bad days.

Weeks ago, Bell posted a captionless photo of him in a hospital bed. Hours later he explained that Colitis was the culprit.

Today’s message to fans has been the first detailed post about his well being. 

Bell has been busy promoting Heather Wade as host of Midnight in the Desert since his departure late 2015–something he has continued doing despite his own health issues. 


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