Art Bell home after intense hospital stay

Late last week, talk show legend Art Bell posted a brief message on Facebook for friends and fans: He is back home and recovering after an intense hospital stay..

Bell wrote,

Update on me:

I am now home after five days in what must be one of the greatest Hospitals in the World, St Rose. I am not in good shape, so weak I can not dress myself. I want to Publicly thank my Wife Airyn who never left my side and helped every moment day and night and still is. I went through every test known to Man. Had a hole punched in my Lung, MRI, Pet scans, X-Rays, more blood tests then could be counted, was on Morphine the whole time. Had so many IVs running it started to get hard to find a vein. If I make it I will have the best Wife in the World to thank as well as the best Hospital. Can’t really type more now but that is the current situation, more later.


Bell was admitted early July for pneumonia and additional symptoms of C.O.P.D..

The latest ‘if I make it’ comment may be indicative of the seriousness of the medical visit..


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