The MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT and Art Bell website is reporting the latest on the talk show legend’s condition..

He is currently sitting in a Las Vegas hospital this July 4 holiday weekend.



Bell has been admitted into the hospital for pneumonia and additional symptoms of C.O.P.D. He is awaiting the results of tests to determine what specific medication he should receive, while he does receive general antibiotics and pain relievers

The description of his condition simply goes on to ominously say: Art is in substantial pain with this ailment, so please send him good thoughts and well wishes to recover from this.


This is not the first time in 2016 that Bell has had medical issues. Only weeks ago, he posted a photo of himself waving to the camera while sitting in a hospital bed. And this image pictured with this post is of the new hospital stay, and it is seemingly more serious.

The other night Heather Wade asked for collective consciousness before abruptly ending her Friday night open lines. Despite a past tumultuous relationship, on Coast to Coast AM, George Noory asked for similar thoughts for Bell during his open lines segment.


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It is striking to contemplate: Just one July 4 ago Bell was prepping himself for a hosting stint on the then newly minted Midnight in the Desert. And in 2013, Bell was sending out messages on his website over his then brief hosting stint of Dark Matter on Sirius.

This Independence Day, however, Bell seems to be very dependent on medical machinery to keep him well.

All eyes to the sky; Collective consciousness and prayer abound.
A legend needs some assistance.

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  1. Art is the best ever
    I’m sure he has ruffled a few feathers.hope he makes comeback to combat dark forces.cigs suck,still not sure about reefer,study ongoing much love to art .George is real good and shouldn’t be demonized!

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