All your headlines are belong to us

Good to see that media is all on the same page. If you watched your local diatribe of fires, plagues, crime, and pestilence, you’ve most certainly heard that ‘economic factors may take some spring out of the Easter Bunny’s step this year.’
It was so noticeable that Conan O’Brien put a montage together of local boobs on the tube telling us the same statement from their teleprompter.
While the video is hilarious for obvious reasons, it begs the bigger question: Who writes it.. and how it is dispensed to all the stations? And just once sentence, quite frankly, could be proof that we are hit with misinformation all at the same time.
Remember, while some may have abandoned the big network news and papers, we still turn to the locals for the information close to home. And if the big conglomerates could get to them, well… the mis and disinformation could survive.

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