All in all it's another crack in the wall

Three days ago, it was reported that the Wanapum Dam in Washington state had a major crack–a 65 foot crack to be exact..

At that point, engineers had started an emergency project to bring stability to the dam and ensure that the crack does not worsen, or even worse, spill.

Officials are now saying that the crack, even in a worst case situation, would not lead to much of a threat of flooding.

However media reports are absent one startling fact: The dam is about 20 miles from the Hanford nuclear waste site. Hanford has been in the news, sort of, since there’s a high amount of birth defects in Washington state lately.. Hanford has not been cited, but it just seems to be close in proximity to the defects with unknown causes. And now this dam is close to Hanford..

So many things of a negative aspect seem to be near Hanford..

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