A study claims your consciousness carries on functioning after your heart stops beating and your body movements fail

Which means… you may know that you’re dead.

It means that, if true, you are essentially ‘trapped’ inside your dead body with your brain still working… how long? The brain will decide that.

Quite a bit to contemplate, isn’t it?

Survivors of cardiac arrest were aware of what was going on around them while they were ‘dead’ before being ‘brought back to life’, the study revealed. This could explain tons of NDE research that has been conducted over previous decades, along with that “tunnel” that either is opening or closing at the impact of death..

There is evidence to suggest the deceased may even hear themselves being pronounced dead by doctors. Dr. Sam Parnia is studying consciousness after death and examining cardiac arrest cases in Europe and the US.

He says people in the first phase of death may still experience some form of consciousness.

More from the report:

He said: “They’ll describe watching doctors and nurses working, they’ll describe having awareness of full conversations, of visual things that were going on, that would otherwise not be known to them.”

Explaining when a patient is officially declared dead, he said: “It’s all based on the moment when the heart stops.

“Technically speaking, that’s how you get the time of death.”

This is NOT new news… The report that the UK SUN and FOX NEWS are recycling actually is coming from years ago.. we remembered the same Sam Parnia when we first saw it.

The study was actually published years ago! 2014 to be exact!

Why the information is being recycled as “new” is beyond us.. But the information in the report is as fascinating now as it was during the Obama Administration..

For context and FULL TEXT you can read the report here:

Parnia suggests that near death experiences are a trick of the mind.. and illusion… you can listen to the interview with him here–from years ago!

The best thing to know is that we will all know one day………. one day ….

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