A message received on North Korea from a reader

It was in response to my posts all day regarding North Korea.. Valid points are asserted, however. Read along:

Well the US has to treat the threats with some sort of seriousness. A threat is a threat, but it is really not one they should have children hearing about and scared of because as of right now nothing is going to come out of this.The fact that there are US military on the 38th parallel is no new thing, they have been there ready for attack since the seize fire with the Korean War. Actually, we are technically still in the Korean war since no peace treaty was signed, it’s just a seize fire. Plus I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if the North Korean troops started surrendering as soon as we would start an attack. Lots of North Koreans are scared to speak out against their country since it means an immediate sentence for them and their whole family to prison camps. In previous wars, like the Iraq war, the conditions in the country are full of so much suck that the soldier surrender immediately hoping that if they aren’t immediately killed, that they will be given asylum in America. It can be expected that much of the same would happen in Korea since even their Army is starving and the wealthiest in the capital still have to abide to food rations. It’s just a terrible situation for the North Koreans. They really have no chance, I just hope if and when something breaks out we do something for the innocent victims living in North Korea, it is so sad. Watch some of the Korean documentaries on Netflix if you have it like Camp 14.

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