A dreadful day in the life of the planet Earth: France Bastille Day attack and the Day of Rage in the summer that never ends

​Grim news abounds.. yet another day on the planet Earth is being consumed with agony and horror..

Yesterday, while people were celebrating Bastille Day in France, fireworks exploded overhead. Meanwhile, a 31-year-old Tunisia born male was rapidly approaching a crowd in a truck and, in a deliberate attack, mowed down people for one mile.. The results are horrific. At press time, 84 dead with more injured.. The depravity of humanity on full display.. 

There were a few poignant images that will not escape my memory .. one of that being a photograph taken by a news agency of a bodybag covering a casulty. Next to the body bag: A toy teddy bear. It was clear that many of those who were killed were children, always children. The children get the brunt of adults’ murder sprees and terrorism all of the time. Suffer the children constantly on this planet. People who are the most innocent of all get the harshest of treatment at the hands of their fellow humans. It is repulsive beyond recognition. 

Last night while posting news and actively communicating with people on Twitter, someone wrote to me this whole thing is “getting very serious and we worry for the future.” My response was honesty: I wrote back that I have a very uneasy feeling.. And I do.

Despite the active terror scene in Nice France, the feeling has not gone away.

July 15 is the date of a long planned ‘day of rage.’ Anomymous reportedly is the group that called for it—30+ cities are on the list of the ‘rage’ .. Anonymous has denounced the Dallas police murders. And it is also calling for the Day of Rage 2016 to be peaceful and non violent. But those ‘peaceful’ marches in Dallas did not become violent due to the rage of protesters, but instead the anger of one person who carried out attacks in a place he knew police would be. Similarly, the ‘day of rage’ protests set for the entire nation tonight are pre-planned and peaceful. But it takes one.

I am worried about the Day of Rage.  

I am worried for the world at large.

This website began in the summer of 1998.. those who have followed since the first .com incarnation in 2001 will recall that it was glued to movie news and horror reports, but changed a bit after 9/11. I have continued to change and alter.. Perhaps at times becoming more gloomy than I should have.. But the ‘horror report’ is a mixture of fiction and reality, science and politics. It focuses on the strange and unusual, the creepy and the other-worldly. And yes, when big news happens, we pay attention. 

I want to pay attention today to the Ghostbusters opening day. I want to simply collect reviews and post them on this site for all to read.. I want celebrity gossip and even a Bieber scandal. That would be fun.,

But instead of all of that, today my focus is not on the meaningless. It’s on the very real and very serious dilemma that the population of the world so often finds itself in.

Violence equals violence. There is no escaping that. 

There is no escaping much lately, actually.

Even movies, the typical escape, seem to be a temporary refuge in a summer of madness. The heat is on throughout the world.. The coming of the nuclear winter seems to be the only way out.

The prayers of the good and moral on this planet are quiet.. but in large numbers, let’s hope to God they work. So far we aren’t loud enough in our quiet meditation. 

Get loud.

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