9/11 + 15

So many years ago.. it seems like an entire age..

The children  of 9/11, those who were either too young to remember or just too young to understand, have never known a world prior to the day  of infamy. They were not aware of pop culture prior to terrorism.. not inclined to understand a world before World War ..

This generation has grown up online post dial up and post buildings coming down. They watched footage of the terror attacks fifteen years ago but did not watch it on live TV…

Others who did remember what it felt like.. all day.. all night.. all week.. and for the rest of 2001. The swift unkind gusty gale of change took an entire nation and forced it into places it never wanted to go or never thought it would ..

People falling from buildings live for the planet to watch.. the demise of buildings..

And a peaceful field in Pennsylvania scarred and charred by a passenger airplane..

We lived through this 15 years ago. Even though now it does not seem a bit like we did.. the freight train speed passage  of time is as surreal as the moment we watched airplanes flying into buildings right after Al Roker talked about weather. From quaint to horror. From normal to a new normal.

And the rest is history.

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