Rumble in the Garden State.. The HORROR REPORT had information about this event a few days back.. They remain a mystery, though all the likely sources like planes and military say they aren’t responsible . Is it natural gas? Chris Christie running for another donut? A calamity coming to earth? …booms from aliens? Lots of strange theories abound. And while some laugh at those who are claiming the sky is falling, they don’t have any explanation themselves. Why did these booms take place, and where did three counties feeling the ground underneath them shake? This is a perplexing issue, isn’t it? And one that we should treat with some more respect instead of just mocking people who are fearful that the crust is shaking under our shoes. ..

The thing I find the most fascinating about this story (and various others when they occur across the world) is that big media doesn’t show up to cover it. It’s local affiliates  small newspapers.. not CNN, FOX, or MSNBC.. instead people who want answers need to trudge through the millions of websites to find reliable coverage someone from a local network .. and even those stories shed little light on a subject that I believe demands greater attention..
Look.. you have a massive sinkhole in Louisiana that gets no attention. Sinkholes in Florida.. a man swallowed on a golf course on the 14th hole.. and years now of booms, rattles, tremors, all across the crust of the planet. There is something happening. Maybe science can explain it calmly and collectively. But no one from the science community has addressed it. Instead we’re left to our own demons.. speculating about what the noises could be, while others in the ‘mainstream’ laugh at conspiracy theorists who want answers.

Until you hear the booms or your house shakes, perhaps you won’t care. But when it happens to you? A whole different story –and if you’re a reporter, maybe a story you’d finally be willing to cover.


Pomp, circumstance.. trees.. and now bombs. President Obama’s trip to Israel gets tense as rockets rain down..

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