Been a rough past week, didn’t get much of a shot to do major updates. Luckily for Earth, not to many major developments. When I started the brief hiatus  North Korea was threatening to bomb everyone. And today they still are..
From the world and beyond, the news of the day:

Culture of death: While America seems intrigued with sex and murder in the Jodi Arias trial, we aren’t paying much attention to a doc who is accused of murdering live babies and putting the lives of mothers at risk..

China detains 12 for ‘spreading rumors’ about bird flu.. China is clearly in damage control mode, and they certainly don’t want to spark and more attention from the world on how they are dealing with the potential next 1918..

THE PURGE to open horror movie festival.. And the PURGE may be one of the more interesting films (not just horror category either) that will be released this year…

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