If you didn’t hear it or listen to it, last night’s Ground Zero radio with Clyde Lewis was one of the better in a long time.. Lewis’ subject matter the night previous was electronic harassment  He received some strange calls near the end of the broadcast.. And then, yesterday, he thinks he got a call from the CIA.. More here..

Too little, too late: Nuclear free North Korea? Well that’s what China and the US want.. *And what countries provided materials and abilities to North Korea for decades..? It’s complicated..

Gosnell’s employees say they were just doing what their boss told them to.. Some said it was the best job they could find.. Just following orders? We’ve heard that before in history, now haven’t we?

OPENING NIGHT: Friday Estimates: ’42’ – $9.1 million, ‘Scary Movie 5’ – $5.52 million, ‘Evil Dead’ – $3.2 million. .. developing..

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