Media continues to mock the faux UFO hearings in D.C.: DAILY NEWS reports that ‘former members of Congress hold weird’ UFO hearings ‘after the price is right’ .. The big story being reported in media is that former members of Congress and other participants are receiving $20,000 each for their appearance.. It’s questionable of course.. And one must ask if Bassett is paying for big players to get attention to the UFO issue, or to himself..

DEVELOPING.. The highly pathogenic avian flu (H1N1) virus has been detected at one of the biggest poultry farms in Chitwan in a recent case of bird flu outbreak..

This is a video of the crash at Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan.. The crash killed seven.. the video is chilling. And if you ever saw the film THE KNOWING, this scene is very similar to one that takes place in that film..

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