ENDGAME box office crush continues

…the biggest movie in a generation continues its global dominance, but a creature from a more animated world is actively making cash as the spring box office slowly churns into the summer movie season. This report from DEADLINE on the latest insider box office Friday night numbers and predictions: Friday 12:17 PM: Legendary/Warner Bros’ Pokémon Detective Pikachu is … Read moreENDGAME box office crush continues

The WWE opens its vaults: Will air an 80s match with Bret Hart

WWE fans may know his name.. But if you’ve never heard of Tom Magee, that’s because his career didn’t exactly pan out that way. He was out of pro wrestling entirely by 1990.. The only recent time that Magee made news since these old wrestling days was because he was severely beaten up over a parking spot in California in 2018..