Art Bell liver cancer?!

The Internet is alive with rumors that Art Bell posted on his Facebook page: ‘liver cancer 3 to 6 months to live.’

The rumors are true, indeed. Art Bell did in fact post on his Facebook page tonight those exact words..

What does this mean? Does Art himself have liver cancer? Is this about him? We can only assume it is.. Until he clarifies..

Already his comment on Facebook has garnered a huge response, message boards are filled with noise and clatter about what he said on his Facebook page..

The hopes and prayers from this website are with Mr. Bell. I certainly hope what we have seen tonight is not true, a legend of radio suffering from a disease that doctor say will kill him? Waiting to see what happens with this story. Stay tuned..



  1. I can't find Art's Facebook page. There are many permutations of 'art bell' pages. Is it possible to post a link, or at least the actual name used on the Facebook page? Thanks.

  2. No, but if you look at the pattern of capitalization, it does not appear to have been posted by Art himself. Either Airyn posted it about Art, or Airyn posted it about her own father, or the account was hacked. And, of course, Art could have done it, I guess, with weird capitalization. If it's untrue, I would expect him to clarify it immediately upon finding out how it reads on the Facebook page.

  3. Art Bell: Please, please, please start your own show. Coast to Coast has not been the same since you left and is getting worse with each passing day.

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