An earthquake swarm hit California, and now a heat storm hits the power grid

Can it get worse!?
Well, yes.
The United States has been on a high broil all summer. Crops are dead and fish are too. 

Along with misery of the soul comes heartache within the power grid. Air conditioners and other technology made to keep people cool is testing the limits this year. 
And now the great state of California–being tested by an earthquake swarm–has issued an alert to residents to curb power in the coming days.. 
The high pressure that caused misery for the rest of the nation is now positioning itself to cause the same turmoil in Cali. While some may just head to the beach to celebrate, others will gnaw at their nails in worry over just how much power consumption it will take to keep the Golden State cool.
Oh, and yes, there is a loss of the San Onofre nuclear plant … small radiation leak. Nothing major. Right..?
A decade or so ago Gray Davis forced California to go dark. Rolling blackouts. What will Brown do now? Brownouts perhaps?

The eyes of the nation are on California. And we will see you after we wipe the summer’s worth of sweat from our collective brows..

The heat has been relentless. 

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