Some very troubling numbers revealed: What Ebola may look like in a few months

Alessandro Vespignani is a physicist from Northeastern University in Boston..  He worked up a model of how Ebola has spread so…

Wake me up when September ends

BREAKING NOW: Internet video claims to show beheading of reporter.. According to the video, if true, Stephen Scotloff met the same fate as…

Nightmares and birthday escapes: Mother F*&*& two headed snakes on a Mother F^&(*^& Birthday

I had a strange dream last night.. Not to bore you with the minute details of the weird goings on…

Red alert on Yellowstone? Or nothing to see here..?
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Yellowstone super eruption possible but will not be apocalyptic: USGS » A volcanic super eruption at the Yellowstone National Park…

Francis vs the Sisters of the traveling nonhabits

The Vatican has declared war on nuns! So says TIME magazine (and lots of other religious insiders for some time) …..

New medical concerns for radio host Clyde Lewis

After a number of medical ailments that Ground Zero radio host Clyde Lewis has talked about on his program, a…

Storm iClouds brewing

A few years ago, I got into a deep conversation with a techie about the coming of the ‘cloud’ computing….

Behind the scenes.. and deep in the mind

Remember, during that horror movie you’re watching, it is all just make believe. If you still don’t believe it, consider…

Famous summer last words
ABA-Mothers-Memorial-13 (1)

The annual tradition: The playing of the Famous Last Words song by Billy Joel.. I have linked up this song…


The FOX news report you can’t see to decide War and rumors of war, as the September 11 anniversary approaches,…

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